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For any inquiries, call +1 (302) 600-1287 or email
For any inquiries, call +1 (302) 600-1287 or email

About Us

Welcome to Modern Wellness Tech, where our philosophy is defined by the combination of luxury, wellness, and technology. Our journey began as a personal quest for maximum well-being among the challenges of modern existence, and it was founded in 2023 by Hamza Khan. We are more than simply a store; we are a way of thinking, a way of life that indulges in sophisticated living from the comforts of home.

We are committed to designing environments that function as individual havens for optimal well-being. Our carefully chosen collection redefines modern life with an emphasis on biohacking, fitness, health, and well-being.

Our goal is very clear: to serve those who value a refined lifestyle and well-being. We recognize that preserving well-being in the fast-paced world of today may be difficult, and we provide solutions to improve home surroundings with opulent wellness basics and technology. Our clientele place a high importance on convenience, quality, and holistic well-being.

However, we're not just about selling products. Our goal is to accompany you on your path to a happier, more satisfying existence.

The products that we stock on our website, everything from exercise equipment to the revitalizing appeal of saunas and cold plunge tubs, are carefully selected to help people improve their well-being and rethink what a home is.

Here at Modern Wellness Tech, we see our business as your journey, and every product we provide is a new chapter in your road to the new, modern home.

Our Business Model

At Modern Wellness Tech, we specialize in online sales. We don't have physical shops; instead, we concentrate on bringing top-notch items right to our clients' doorsteps. We have established partnerships with reliable North American suppliers, all of whom have local warehouses. These facilities maintain strict quality control procedures, ensuring that only goods that satisfy our high standards are delivered to our clients.

Your orders from Modern Wellness Tech will be dispatched straight to you from the warehouses of our suppliers. This expedited procedure not only ensures prompt delivery but also reduces shipping expenses by removing pointless transit.

Your satisfaction at every level of the buying process is our top focus.

Photo of the Founder of Modern Wellness Tech

Meet The Founder

“Hi, my name is Hamza Khan and I am the founder of Modern Wellness Tech. The founding of Modern Wellness Tech has its roots in my own experience navigating the challenging landscape of my former work as an investment professional, during which I developed a profound respect for the deliberate practice of well-being. Even though I've always been active, my epiphany regarding the detrimental effects of stress on my health forced me to reconsider how I approach wellness.

With years of experience funding and expanding digital companies, I've developed a sharp eye for cutting-edge technology, and Modern Wellness Tech's products clearly reflect this astute viewpoint. My goal in starting Modern Wellness Tech isn't just business; it's also to dedicate myself to offering well chosen products that improve people's quality of life. It's not only a mission to impart my expertise of health and wellness; it's the core of Modern Wellness Tech, which aims to inspire better living from the comforts of your own home.”